Max Skiba, also known as Active, is an Irish Hip-Hop Artist/Rapper of Polish Descent.

Active moved to Ireland, alongside his parents, at the age of one. Active grew up in a small border town in Ireland where creating Hip-Hop music was heavily frowned upon.

He began rapping in Late 2016 and in just two years he managed to gain many accomplishments, He gained over six thousand plays on his single “I Can’t Help” which was the lead single from his “Self Driven” EP which released in January 2018. He was featured in a New York based entertainment magazine Metropolis Nights in February 2018 where he received a two page interview.

In May 2018 he released his Debut Single Time Is Money. He followed that up with 1645 which is best received single to date. He received his first radio interview on RTÉ Pulse in July 2018.

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